Picture by Sofie Jaspers
Ine  graduated in the degree of Dance at the Artesis Hogeschool Antwerp (conservatory). Since dance was one of her first loves when growing up, it was no surprise she started her professional life working for different companies (Studio 100, Koninklijk Ballet van Vlaanderen, Opera Hall, Koninklijk Jeugdtheater…) and as a dance-teacher for different academies throughout Belgium. After a few years she became a freelancer and started working in the art-educational field, for Piazza dell'Arte.  Her interest to experiment with more art-forms than dance became bigger and she started writing (one of her other first loves) and experimenting with film. While working on her own projects she also works freelance as an actress, performer and writer.She's also the co-founder of DOP platform vzw.

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# 1-octen-3one1(CH2=CHC(=0)(CH2)4CH3 (2015) Performance-installation with Sofie Jaspers 
# Teletijdmachine (2014) Street-performance Antwerpen Averechts
# Guidizio,Possibilità,Essere – Romeo Castellucci (2014-De Singel) Performer
# Kinderen van de Craen (2013-now) Tales from the harbor-monologue, CityLabo
# Mechanics of Emotion (2013) Performance-installation by Nada Gambier
# Sound Police (2013) Street-act for Antwerpen Averechts
# Mental Circus (2013) CD release - choreographer for the duets
# Vita Activa (2013- De Singel) Workshop around movement by Daniel Linehan
# Q! (2012) Text and Movement Performance (Oude Badhuis Antwerp) Director
# Plastic Bourgeoisie (2012) Soundscape Dan Decalut / Texts Tim Ceustermans-Deschepper / Ine Pieters
# FleishBaum (2011) Experimental Soundscape /Textual Impressions with Dan Decalut
# Erwin Wurm (2011) Middelheim Antwerpen Solo performance and Group performance
# Street-theater Exces (2010-now)
# dead men will have indeed died in vain if live men refuse to look at them (2009) Performer for the   
 performance-installation of Marlies Vanhoucke –  theater-costume design at KASK Antwerp
# Cinérama (2008-2009) On tour – Film results research-project / masterclass AbattoirFermé / RITS
# Cadavre Exquis (2007) Graduation-project Elisa Kint for Sint-Lucas Antwerp
# Performance “A New Gordian Knot” (2007) Text-movement-installation performed at the exposition Transform/Duality by Tim Ceustermans-Deschepper
# Experimental Typography (2006) Dancer in a typography - project for Elisa Kint / Sint-Lucas Antwerpen
# Flemish Opera (2005-2013) Extra / Actress (in... Semiramide, Candide, Wozzeck, Turandot, de Ring van Wagner, Dialogues des Carmelites, Jenufa, Tosca, La Strada …) worked with directors such as : Nigel Lowery, Guy Joosten, Ivo van Hove, Robert Carsen, Waut Koeken…
# Studio 100 (1999-2001) Musicals Sneeuwwitje, Assepoester, Pinokkio
# Royal Ballet of Flanders (internship 1996-1997) Sound of Music, Sacco and Vanzetti

# Festival Express (2013 – AchtTV) Actress
# Roofdier (2013)  Extra in the music-video of Helmut Lotti, directed by Stef Lernous
# The Tree (2012)  Actress – short-movie by Eva Eysermans / RITS Brussels
# De Gedachte (2011)  Actress – short-movie by Sofie Jaspers and Siska Van Daele
# Co(te)lette (2010)  Extra in the movie-adaptation of the dance-piece by Ann Van den Broek with Mike Figgis directing
# Lost Persons Area : (selection Semaine de la Critique – Cannes 2009) Movie by Caroline Strubbe  - actress - bowling girl 
# BUNKER (2009 – selection Leuven Kort) short-movie by Benjamin van de Water – experimental film Sint Lucas Brussels
# Black Noise / White Noise (2008) Video-installation by Stefaan Loncke, Geert Wachtelaer en Ine Pieters
# Surfaced Decadence in my Living-room (2007) short-movie by Sofie Jaspers

# DOPplatform vzw : co-founder
# Model (2015) for a body-mapping project by Kristof Timmerman
# Texts (2014) for One Armed Man : The Year 2525 magazine
# Project Fermi (2014) Multimedia installation at One Armed Man : The Year 2525
# IF Project (2014) wood/electro jewels in collaboration with Fabrice Dambrin
# Deus Ex Machina magazine(2013) Model for a photo-reportage by Sara Dykmans and Andy Huysmans
# One Armed Man magazine (2013) Foreword
# Expo One Armed Man : Inner House Pin Up (2013) A visual work-collaboration with Sofie Jaspers
# KEEN magazine (2013) The brain edition - 3 texts
# KEEN magazine (2011) The space edition - 1 text – WOW 6EQJE5
# Blend (2012) Model for picture-project by Studio Bolster
# Metanoia (2010) Model for pictures by Studio Bolster, Sophie Van den Keybus (concept), Geoffrey Tolaro and Thomas Van De Water (pictures), Mireille Hoetelmans (make-up), Ine Pieters (model)
# 1st violin player (2010) Painting by TimCeustermans-Deschepper, model : Ine Pieters
# I’m a dreamer (2009) Model for the fashion show by Harald Ligtvoet 
# JBC  T-Bag (2009) Design Jens Pieters, Photographer Sofie Jaspers, Make-up Ine Pieters
# WoordAttack (2009) Werkhuys Borgerhout : Text-performance
# KEEN magazine (2007) Publication text - Atavistic Society 

# Theater Luxemburg (2015) workshop for kids - ik zie ik zie wat jij niet ziet en het is....
# Culture classes (2015) workshop dance and movement - Lier
# Hogeschool Gent (2014) Guest teacher workshop expression/movement PKV1
# Creatine (2013-now) Coach workshop around expression
# Talent Op Kamp (2012-2013) Production and Coach Performance
# IKIKIK - Tal en Top Timist (2012-2013) An art-educational theater project
# Hogeschool Gent (2012) Guest-Coach Performance for the end project of the third grade
# Gevaarlijk Jong exposition Flemish Parliament (2011) Theater-workshop
# VOET-project Hogeschool Gent (2011) Guest-teacher Performance workshop
# Kraak het Cultuurhuis (2011) Coach of the theater-group Theaterlab
# Skoel Skillz (2011) Coach of the Performance project with students of KTA Wollemarkt Mechelen, with the support of cultural center Mechelen and H30
# START 6 (2011) “Onderhuids”, Coach Performance and Dance for Piazza dell’Arte
# Shoot International (2011) Door JES (youth and city) In charge of the artistic Ateliers
# START 5 (2010) “De bende van’t stad” by Piazza dell’Arte and Villanella, Coach Performance
# SOVOHA (2009-2010) Coach Performance (assertive week for students)
# STORM (2009) Coach Performance for the youth project STORM 
# Coach Performance and Dance (since 2005 until now) for Piazza dell’Arte
# Freelance Dance-teacher (since 1999)  for organizations and schools such as : cultural center Sint-Niklaas, JTO Sint-Niklaas, samenlevingsopbouw Lier, Easy Moving Deurne…

Picture by Sofie Jaspers