Monday, July 22, 2013

Inner House Pin-Up @ One Armed Man Magazine

One Armed Man Magazine

Jens Dawn promised us a hot launch of his first magazine One Armed Man. Not only the temperature rocked sky high Saturday the 20th of July, but also the temperature of the exposition exploded beginning with the surprise burlesque dance-act by Tanja Rolus, who warmed up the audience on the tones of Nick Cave's Red Right Hand for the official launch of the magazine. After the speech by Jens Dawn the hotness continued on the tunes of Tip Toe Topic with sexy guitars covered with hot pin-up visuals. Luckily there was enough Belgian beer to cool us off! The exposition is still opened until the end of August @ Designcenter De Winkelhaak in Antwerp. If you're not living in Antwerp and want to order a copy of the One Armed Man or a small book of the art-piece "Inner House Pin-Up", a collaboration by Sofie Jaspers and me, contact me at

Inner House Pin-Up
Example Book (front by choice) Inner House Pin-Up
Example Book (inside) Inner House Pin-Up

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