Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nada Gambier : one of the people I enjoy working with

In life you sometimes meet nice people to work with. My list of such people is not very long but one of them I always enjoy working with is Nada Gambier, a choreographer/dancer/performer from Finland. She’s also one of the founders of Action Scénique.  I’d like to put one of her last projects in the picture. The 14th of December  between 16h and 20h you can visit the PIANOFABRIEK in Brussels to check out her video-installation “Mechanics of Emotion”. 

Mechanics of emotion is a series of video installations: A Portrait, Spectator and The weight of invisible pain. The project, composed of three independent and yet connected parts, is a study on the different ways that emotions are manifested.

I participated in the video “Spectator”.
Feel  free to check it out!
More future dates  and locations will follow.


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