Thursday, October 24, 2013

"31.08.13, 06u55 > 01.09.13, 06u56 / 51.12895, 4.71271"

On a slightly warm day at the end of the summer, somewhere in Belgium near a lake with a sign warning us for a red laser (we still don’t know what that was about), 2 girls were painted in silver by Sara Dykmans. The aim? A photo-shoot for the literary magazine Deus Ex Machina. And so we ended up bathing in a lake in our best nymph mode while keeping our eyes on a fresh young male victim lying in front of us. In the meantime Andy Huysmans, the photographer, gave us instructions on how to move in the water and drown the victim. He survived….and so did we.

Check out the nice photo reportage by Sara Dykmans and Andy Huysmans in the November issue of Deus Ex Machine.

Bij het te verschijnen novembernummer van DEM over mythologie hoort een prachtige postkaartenset met een fotoproject van Andy Huysmans en Sara Dykmans met een mysterieuze titel: "31.08.13, 06u55 > 01.09.13, 06u56 / 51.12895, 4.71271"

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